Advent Calendar


Crimbo is just around the corner and the countdown begins.  If you haven’t done it already (and know, don’t worry, we haven’t either), it’s time to get that tree, unpack the dusty age-old decorations and fight with the Christmas lights before the present opening and mince pies can commence!  We have our chocolate advent calendar up in the bloom office, but what about trying something different this year?  The people from Pottery Barn have come up with a beautiful change to the calorie calendar-fest; its a cute little pouch filled calendar which also doubles up as mini Christmas stocking!

And the best bit is that you could even fill it up with chocolates if you can’t resist the urge!



Navidad está a la vuelta de la esquina. Empieza la cuenta atrás. Es la hora de empezar a colocar el árbol, las luces y los adornos navideños, de prepararse para abrir los regalos y de comer turrones. Y para hacer esta cuenta atrás te proponemos hacerlo a lo grande,  con este calendario de adviento reinventado de Pottery Barn. Es diferente y vistoso, es… ¡súper original!

¿Lo mejor? ¡Tú eliges qué poner dentro!



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