Freak Bazar

Are you, like us, crazy about stuff that’s a bit weird?  A bit out of the ordinary?  That noone else has?  Well, according to these people, this makes us Freaks!  Fine by us… this website is stuffed full of original things for your home, office, bathroom or any other place in need of a bit of originality which they have on sale.  

If you love design you’ll love this website. They have so many different products and list all the designers that they work with; everything from over the shoulder bags from ‘Vag’ to cocker spaniel mouse mats from ‘Think Animal’.  What else could you possibly need?!

 Have a look and see what you think!  Don’t say we didn’t warn you that there are only 2 months to go till Christmas…


¿Te atraen las curiosidades? ¿Buscas cosas diferentes para decorar tu oficina, tu cocina, tu baño o cualquier parte de tu casa? Pues te encantará esta página web dedicada única y exclusivamente a vender objetos curiosos online.

Hay de todo para complementar tu casa con estilo y diseño, desde imanes para la nevera hasta macetas para el escritorio, ¡incluso platos para tu mascota!

 Te recomendamos que le eches un vistazo, encontrarás cosas que te sorprenderán, como a nosotros lo ha hecho un jabón metálico. Ver para creer…



One Response to “Freak Bazar”

  1. the shoulder bags that my girlfriend uses are always made up from natural leather .-;

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