Andoni Canela’s new website!

Andoni Canela, the renowned photographer, photo journalist and bloompapers artist who has had his work published in the likes of National Geographic, NY Times and Time magazine, has just launched his new website.  It shows everything from the exhibitions he’s showing to a huge selection of his photos available for purchase; you may even recognise a few images that you’ve seen on the bloompapers website!  His work is truly breathtaking and his new website is a great opportunity to get to know this talented photographer a little bit better.

Andoni Canela, el fotógrafo reconocido, fotoperiodista y artista de bloompapers que ha aparecido en publicaciones como National Geographic, NY Times y Time entre otros, acaba de lanzar su nueva página web.  Hay de todo, desde información sobre sus exposiciones, hasta una amplia selección de fotos que están en venta; a lo mejor ya habrás visto alguna en la pagina web de bloompapers!  Su trabajo es verdaderamente impresionante y su nueva pagina web es una oportunidad perfecta para conocerle un poco mejor.


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