Vintage and artisan online

Now we know that half the world is obsessed with ebay and quite rightly to be honest – there is a whole world on the website just waiting to be bid for, but when we came across out loyalties changed! is a website in which the public can buy and sell stuff, but it’s dedicated only to vintage and artisan products and the sellers must have made the products themselves.  It has everything from furniture to jewellery to beautiful houseware products and we think it makes a refreshing change from the usual ‘everything’s for sale’ websites.  The transport costs may be a little higher to Europe but as these pieces are one-off, we think it’s more than worth it!

Navengando por ahí, nos encontramos con, un sitio web en el que el público puede comprar y vender cosas, pero dedicado exclusivamente a antiguedades y artesanías. Lo interesante es que aquí los vendedores deben haber hecho los propios productos. Tiene todo, desde muebles hasta joyas o artículos para el hogar Desde bloOmpapers, creemos que es una iniciativa que refresca el ambiente: “todo en venta” de tantos y tantos portales parecidos.


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