Business Bloom

Collage Bloom

En Bloompapers queremos inspirar a los profesionales del diseño y a las tiendas de decoración a crear espacios innovadores. Tanto si estás diseñando el flamante interior de un hotel, reformando un bar elegante y cosmopolita o creando un estilo original para un loft en el centro de la ciudad de tu cliente; Bloompapers te ofrece una forma artística y original de crear tu sello propio. Ofrecemos un servicio profesional y minucioso a todos nuestros clientes de Business Bloom. Al rellenar la ficha de subscripción pasarás a formar parte de Bloompapers y te podrás beneficiar de los diferentes descuentos y promociones que te plantearemos.

At Bloompapers we want to inspire professionals in the design industry and interior design retailers to create spaces fit for enterprising minds and visionary business. Whether you are designing the interior of a brand new hotel, refurbishing a chic cosmopolitan bar, or creating an original look for your client’s city centre apartment, Bloompapers offers an artistic and inventive way to create a lasting signature style. We offer a professional and thorough service to all our business clients. We now invite you have a look at all the benefits, style and innovation that Business Bloom can bring to your company. If you would like become a part of Business Bloom and see many exciting discounts and promotions, please fill in the details below and we will be in touch with you shortly.


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